The internet is losing its mind because Barbie Land has no water and I’m right there with them

    Margot Robbie as Barbie

    Margot Robbie as Barbie

Margot Robbie as Barbie

The more we learn about Barbie movies and Barbie Land, the more exciting this one Film schedule 2023 entrance gets. Only from the trailers have we had a glimpse into the magical dream world, and now with a detailed tour of the set we have received even more information about the candy-colored world. Margot Robbie the titular character lives. Notably, this tour included her explaining how there are no elements in the hot pink universe, including water. Now, the internet is freaking out over the lack of H2O and the incredible attention to detail in this film, and I’m right there with them.

Because there is no water in Barbie Land

If you have looked at the complete trailer for Barbie, which revealed some key plot elements, you may have caught the main character mentioning that he noticed some things that were wrong with her, like her cold showers. However, if you look closely at the footage of Barbie stepping into her shower, you’ll notice that no water comes out of the shower head. Now, on a new set tour that Robbie has done for A.Dexplained that there are no elements in Barbie Land, saying:

There is no water in Barbie Land. No water or fire. There are no items. It’s actually funny how many people avoid walking [on the pool]everyone walks around the pool.

Isn’t that wild? Logically, it actually makes sense that there is no water in Barbie Land. That’s because the AD video explains it in THE Barbie movie, her world is like a full-sized dollhouse, so everything is done as if it were a toy. For example, there are fake decals in the refrigerator that look like food, and dream houses have no walls, so the cast of Barbie they can greet and talk to each other. You can also check out the details of the bright pink set caused an international shortage of pink paint Here:

Honestly, it seems like every detail we get about this movie makes it better, and the fact that there is no water further proves this point as many fans couldn’t get past the glowing details.

Fans are freaking out about the lack of water in Barbie Land

Just like the fans went crazy over a key detail about a Barbie manifest involving Margot Robbie making her hand look like a doll’s hand, they’re also losing their minds over this H2O situation. a fan, @AlDANS_ posted a handful of screenshots from the movie showing Barbie doing tasks involving water, sans the liquid, check it out:

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Others were quick to attribute this brilliant creative choice to the genius of Greta Gerwig. For example, @lalalandismo published:


Barbie taking a shower without water was really wowing people. However, the other waterless element that rocked the internet was the moment she walks on water after using the slide to go down from her bedroom. I, too, was in awe of this silly (but surprisingly profound) choice, sort of like @wandasariel was when they posted:

Barbie playset with flat pools and also in the movie is SO ICONIC!!! #Barbie #MargotRobbie

Many others have also pointed out how Barbie walking on water has some biblical overtones whether it is intentional or not the tweets comparing Barbie to Jesus are really funny how people love @TomZohar posted things like:

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Not only did they get an A+ Legally blonde I’m kidding, because let’s be real Barbie is also giving Elle Woods big vibes, but they also made an interesting point about the significance of her walking on water. @Hopesloop also noted this detail, and posted:

Who’s ready for me to give a Ted Talk about the meaning of #Barbie walking on water? #BarbieMovie

I know I’m ready! Personally I’d like to take a whole class on the hidden meanings that seem to be put into Greta Gerwigs’ long awaited film.

Watching all the trailers and behind the scenes content for Barbie it made one thing clear to me: there is a deep meaning hidden in all these seemingly funny and silly details, including the lack of water, and it’s amazing. However, we’ll have to wait until July 21st to see what they mean. So for now, we can haunt Barbie’s dream house and fantasy land as we patiently (or eagerly) wait for this bright pink film to arrive.

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