Now on their third replacement Pixel 7 Pro, many think the huge screen problem can’t be fixed

Now on their third replacement Pixel 7 Pro, many think the huge screen problem can't be fixed

The Pixel 7 series was released around mid-October and in less than two months, complaints started popping up Pixel 7 Pro display on Google support forum e Reddit. The most of complaints claimed that the screen flickered and had unsightly green tints and, in some cases, even vertical columns of white or yellow light.

Whenever there’s a problem with a new phone, there are usually two ways to deal with it. One of them is to assume that the problem is with only a small percentage of devices and replace the unit or repair the faulty part. In this case, Google has granted this option to several Pixel 7 Pro owners, but the problems were also present on the new devices and screens.

The other, and more common, approach is to wait for a software update. THE The March update was supposed to fix the Pixel 7 Pro’s green flickering and display artifacts, but it doesn’t seem to have fixed the issues for many people.

This seems to indicate that this is mostly a hardware issue and the screen itself isn’t necessarily faulty. One theory floating around is that the Pixel 7 Pro is not good at heat management and it came about after many people revealed that the issues usually appear after prolonged use.

In some cases the display first flashes green and then goes black, but after a while it returns to normal.

One user said that electronics repair service provider UBreakIFix told them this problem occurs when the phone gets hot.

While it’s nice to know that Google hasn’t really abandoned its users and is offering to provide them with replacement devices, even if they are offering refurbished phones in exchange for brand new devices, there’s no way forward. The Pixel 7 Pro starts at $899, and if people are spending that much on a phone, the least they deserve is a phone that works properly when needed, which is every waking minute in the modern world.

Also, users can only get a replacement as long as their devices are within the warranty period. This doesn’t inspire much trust, and Google should at least acknowledge the problem or compensate users in some other way. Otherwise, brand loyalty will continue to decline.

That said, it could be that the problem is with a negligible number of (voice) users and Google sees fit to address it privately.

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