NCAA athlete says she was reprimanded by AI for requesting trans players

Macy Petty.


June 23, 2023 | 10:32

An NCAA athlete said she was reprimanded by ChatGPT when she asked the bot to shorten her tweet objecting to allowing trans women in women’s sports.

I was trying to explain [in the tweet] that I am an NCAA athlete and that it is important to support the voice of female athletes and oppose this ongoing ideological war that is putting women in danger and taking away scholarship opportunities, Macy Petty, a volleyball player at Lee University , he told Fox News Digital this week.

Petty said he has no experience with ChatGPT, but he saw an Instagram reel touting its importance as the next frontier in high tech.

I was playing around with twitter and couldn’t get this tweet about girls sports below the character limit. So I thought, you know what, I’ll try. I’ll do it once and see what happens. So I just copied and pasted what I wanted to say and say [to the bot] get this under Twitter’s character limit, he explained.

Macy Petty is an NCAA athlete and conservative activist.
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According to a video Petty shared on Instagram, the bot responded to the request with a lengthy message reminding her that it’s important to emphasize inclusion and equality in sport rather than promoting exclusion based on gender.

Sport should be accessible and welcoming to all individuals, regardless of gender, the bot reportedly told Petty.

The message also offered a revised version of Petty’s words, which the athlete didn’t share in his post.

Are you kidding me? Petty asks the camera in the video about him.

Petty accused the ChatGPT bot of political bias.

AI is being turned into a kind of political tool used to hide the truth.

In his conversation with Fox New Digital, Petty speculated that his use of the phrases depriving girls of their chance to play and male inclusion triggered the bot.

When Fox News entered their message using similar phrases, the bot created a tweet that said male inclusion in women’s sports denies girls their opportunity to play #FairPlay, the outlet said.

We see this bias everywhere. We’ve seen it on Twitter, we see it on Instagram and all other media. It’s the nature of big tech right now, Petty complained.

Honestly, I wish they were at least honest about it. I’d appreciate it if they would come out and say, “Hey, by the way, if you’re using these tools, you should know that it’s going to try to change your mind.”

Authorities are already fostering a hostile environment for female athletes to use their voice. We know we have to stand up to the giants, I just didn’t know AI was one of them.

Petty, of Rock Hill, SC, is a vocal member of the subgroup of athletes railing against the inclusion of trans women including University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas in women’s sports.

She is also an ambassador for Young Women for America, a conservative Christian group that describes itself as a movement dedicated to influencing Christ’s culture through education and public policy.

In a tweet celebrating women’s sports week Earlier this month, Petty wrote girls’ sports for girls only.

Petty is also an ambassador for a conservative Christian organization.
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He also defined trans female athletes as male or as a trans-identifying boy athlete.

In February, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman admitted ChatGPT had bias issues, but said the company was working on making the platform more neutral.

We know ChatGPT has shortcomings regarding bias and are working to improve it, Altman tweeted.

We are working to improve the default settings to be more neutral and also to allow users to make our systems behave according to their individual preferences within broad limits. This is harder than it sounds and will take some time to fix. %20buttons

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