Lumos to Invest $50 Million for Fiber Optic Internet Expansion in Johnston and Harnett County

Lumos to Invest $50 Million for Fiber Optic Internet Expansion in Johnston and Harnett County

Lumos’ investment will build nearly 600 miles of 100 percent fiber optic technology in the two counties, providing residents with an ultra-fast network.

HIGH POINT, NC Lumos, a leading provider of 100 percent fiber optic Internet and total home Wi-Fi services in the Mid-Atlantic, announced an investment of more than $50 million in Johnston and Harnett County, North Carolina, to bring its 100% fiber optic Internet services to area residents and businesses. These expansions mark the company’s fourth and fifth new market announcements in 2023.

Lumos will provide fast, reliable Internet to portions of the Johnston County communities of Benson, Clayton, Four Oaks, Selma and Smithfield, as well as those in Harnett County, including the Dunn, Angier, Coats, Erwin and Buies Creek areas. Lumos will be the first fiber Internet provider to some homes in these communities, changing the lives of many families with affordable access to a network advanced enough for their current and future digital needs.

Lumos is committed to bringing the best fiber internet technology to underserved communities. Fiber Internet brings communities life-changing speeds, giving customers up to 385X faster upload speeds and 30X faster download speeds.

Lumos is changing the definition of an Internet connection in North Carolina communities, said Brian Stading, CEO of Lumos. We believe that all cities, not just big cities, should have access to a fast and reliable broadband connection. With our Lumos network available in parts of Johnston and Harnett County, families and individuals will be able to seamlessly connect to online learning, telehealth and remote work opportunities.

Lumos 100% Fiber Optic Internet is designed to deliver the best Wi-Fi experience to families, homes and businesses with plans that scale to fit your budget and needs. In today’s digital age, a fast and reliable internet connection is not a pleasant thing to have; it is a necessity.

We would like to thank Lumos for their investment in fiber-optic Internet for our Harnett County residents, said Desiree Patrick, Harnett County director of community affairs. This announcement is great news for Harnett County. One of our strategic actions is to increase the availability of high speed broadband throughout the County, this investment enables us to do just that. We look forward to the residents and businesses of the county having faster and more reliable internet.

The arrival of fiber internet in Clayton will open up a world of possibilities for both our citizens and businesses, further establishing the City of Clayton as an attractive place to live and work. Many businesses and individuals require fast and reliable internet access and the availability of this level of internet speed will make Clayton more competitive in terms of economic development and job growth. We’re excited about our community and look forward to working with the Lumos team to bring this service online.

Rich Cappola, Town Manager for the City of Clayton

Through the partnerships, the company intends to be a first-rate corporate citizen in the community, bringing economic development and connectivity to residents. Lumos’ expansion will not only change the landscape for homeowners, schools and businesses, it will also bring employment opportunities. For more information, visit

Engineering work will begin in 2023. Residents will be notified by mail when engineering and construction begins. To sign up for email updates, visit

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