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Jeremy Renner

If one were to poke a little further, people could verify how Jeremy Renner was born with absolutely titanium plated armor of a skeletal system. The actor’s superhuman ability to not only survive but also endure has made many skeptics believe in miracles this New Year. After the devastating, horrific and gruesome accident that should have crushed him on the side of an icy highway near Reno, the Marvel actor who played an indomitable and fearless Avenger for 10 years (and counting) has proved his superhero worth in matter of a new years eve in 2023.

Now, as June draws to a close, the internet has unleashed a storm under the name of #RIPJeremyRenner, a false claim that has sent many fans into a frenzy and social media websites into a meltdown.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

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News of Jeremy Renner’s death spreads among the masses

Like the Mandela effect, in which a large segment of the world’s population collectively believed that the South African president was long dead before discovering he was alive and well around 2010, Jeremy Renner too has somehow become the subject of a collective false memory regarding your health and well-being. Like Schrdinger’s cat, he is currently both alive and dead as a faction of the internet has decisively declared a period of mourning for the actor who so miraculously struggled to regain full functioning of his body and limbs despite being told that he may never be able to walk properly again.

Jeremy Renner on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jeremy Renner talks about the crash Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Au contraire, Renner is very much alive and in great shape, reinforced with titanium and lots of love. The actor, when he’s not busy getting in shape, is out promoting his show Renovationsand inspiring millions around the world (including the other Avengers) with his incredible journey from the jaws of death to fantastic healing. The more thoughtful and sane part of social media indeed took offense to the hashtag that went viral and quickly worked in tandem to dispel the rumors by posting facts and photographic evidence of its well-being.

Twitter gets tangled in a web of #RIPJeremyRenner posts

Jeremy Renner at the premiere of Rennervations
Jeremy Renner al Renovations Before

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While the situation may certainly be offensive at its core, it also sheds light on how easily people consume fake news without verifying the claim before propagating it further. In the age of instant news with the world at the fingertips, the internet has truly enabled the spread of false information which is treated as fact by the masses. As Jeremy Renner becomes his latest celebrity victim, netizens come to his defense in hordes and swarms.

Spreading disinformation for no one’s benefit is simply one of the dangers of modern technology. The ubiquitous quote “Identity theft is no joke, Jim. Millions of people suffer from it every year” it may be dismissed as a comedy routine, but at heart even this reflects a terrible truth about the cons of technological evolution. And while false mass memory is a very natural phenomenon, it has turned into a monstrous behemoth churned by the giant wheels of mass media platforms because of the devices at our disposal that allow people to spread such falsehoods so readily without any ethical or leading to no consequences.

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