Donald Trump’s “spot on” impression of the comedian baffles the internet

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A video clip of a comedian doing an odd impression of former President Donald Trump while leaving a voicemail for California Rep. Adam Schiff has gone viral on Twitter.

Democrat Schiff made headlines Wednesday after becoming the 25th member of the House of Representatives to be censured, for his leading role in the investigation into Republican Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

Schiff, who previously served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee during the Trump investigation, is accused by fellow Republicans of launching “an all-out political campaign” against the former president “built on baseless distortions,” according to the sponsored resolution. by Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna. Schiff’s censure order passed by 213 votes to 209.

In reaction to the news, comedic Trump supporter Shawn Farash posted a clip of himself pranking Schiff’s office on Thursday. Farash influenced the signature tones of the one-term president, who is vying to return to the White House in 2024.

Former President Donald Trump is pictured in Bedminster, New Jersey June 13, 2023. A comedian recently impersonated Trump in a prank call on California Rep. Adam Schiff. A video clip of the voicemail left for Schiff went viral on Twitter.ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images

“Well, this message is for the Honorable Adam Schiff,” said Farash, who calls himself Captain Regrettable on social media, in a voice almost indistinguishable from Trump’s. “They call you Mr Adam Schiff and I just have to say, Shifty, you have been censured by the House of Representatives because Russia, Russia, Russia was a hoax. It was a complete and utter hoax.

“You knew it was a hoax all along, so I wonder when you’re going to apologize, because you’re called honorable. OK, you should apologize. Honorable means you shouldn’t be so dishonest. You know you were so dishonest. You lied during hoax number one of the impeachment.

“So I want to know when you’re going to apologize for being dishonest, why you’ve been censored, you know you’ve been censored, you shouldn’t be censored, that’s not a good thing. And it happened to you because you lied about the hoax. So I want you to ask sorry to the American people.”

“And maybe in 2024, when you have a new president, maybe there will be a pardon,” he continued. “Maybe there will be something we don’t even have to talk about. But until then you should apologize for what you did. Because you’ve been censored and there’s no going back. Thanks, Shifty Schiff, pencil neck, bug eyes, bug head watermelon. I look forward to talking to you soon.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 260,000 times, was met with praise from a number of Twitter users, who praised Farash’s impersonation.

“You are the best impersonation ever,” wrote one. “No one compares, [in my opinion].”

“My husband walked into the kitchen while I was listening to this. This is not political at all,” tweeted another. “His eyes widened when he thought it really was Trump. When he realized he wasn’t, he just burst out laughing and said, ‘That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in months! ‘”

“This guy is perfect,” commented another. “You bet Schifty will think Trump did it!”

As for Farash, the comedian said in a Twitter post: “If Schiff is fooled…or his office is fooled by the audio message…I promise you I will never stop laughing.”

Newsweek reached out to Schiff’s representatives via email for comment.

Meanwhile, Democrats have argued that the GOP’s focus on Schiff is a way to appease Trump, whose first impeachment in 2019 came at the hands of a Schiff-led probe into the former president’s alleged attempt to pressure the ‘Ukraine to help him win re-election.

During a debate on the censorship resolution on Wednesday, California Rep. Nancy Pelosi accused her fellow Republicans of behaving like “puppets.”

“We’re on the floor today in the House where the other side has turned this chamber — where slavery was abolished, where Medicare and Social Security was set up and everything else — they’ve turned it into a puppet show,” Pelosi, a Democrat and former House speaker, he said. “And you know what? The puppeteer, Donald Trump, is shining a light on the strings. You look miserable.”

California Representative Adam Schiff is pictured June 21, 2023 in Washington, DC On Wednesday, Schiff became the 25th member of the House of Representatives to be censured, for his leading role in the investigation into former President Donald’s alleged links Trump with Russia.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Luna rejected, saying the measure was not about Trump but “about taking responsibility for someone who exploited his official position”.

Schiff appeared on CNN Wednesday night, saying the censorship vote is “a badge of honor,” adding, “sometimes you can judge a person by the enemies they make.”

“This was a MAGA resolution that Donald Trump threatened if a Republican voted against it, as many had done last week, that he would be subject to a primary challenge,” Schiff continued speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

An earlier version of the censorship measure was blocked last week after 20 Republicans joined their fellow Democrats to take it down. Trump later wrote on his Truth Social account that “Any Republican vote against [Schiff’s] CENSORSHIP, or worse, should immediately be primary. There are a lot of great candidates out there!”

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