Apple’s new TipKit will help developers teach people how to use their apps

Apple's new TipKit will help developers teach people how to use their apps

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Apple is introducing a new developer toolkit that will make it easier for users to get started with their mobile apps by showing them tips on how to get started. Typically, developers need to design their own onboarding or tutorial-type experiences or use those provided by third parties. With Apple’s TipKit, they will now have the option of a native solution, Apple told developers at this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

After hearing the news, some developers are Already suggesting They Do switching to the Apple solution, oa less Give it’s a test.

According to documentation Apple is sharing with developers, the new TipKit framework will include templates that will match what users are already used to sharing in system apps. These will be customizable to match the developer’s app look and feel. Additionally, Apple says developers will be able to control when and where their suggestions appear. This means that suggestions don’t necessarily have to be used only for onboarding. Developers could also introduce hints when users start exploring a new section of the app, or they could set them to be triggered by certain rules.

In the latter scenario, this would allow developers not to annoy power users with suggestions, including those who had already discovered, for example, how certain app features work. Developers can also specify when to show a hint, such as after a user has visited a particular section of the app or used a certain feature a few times. The developer might then see a hint that would help them take advantage of more advanced options or perhaps guide them to a hidden feature, while the user continues to learn about the app.

Additionally, developers will be able to configure how often their suggestions appear to not overwhelm users. It’s especially annoying to launch a new app and then suddenly go through a dozen pop-up suggestions pointing to every app feature. (Personally, we’ve always believed that if a consumer-facing app has to rely on tips to teach users how the app works, it may need to rethink the design!) However, some well-timed, well-timed tips might be helpful. , as they wouldn’t get in the way of using the app on first launch, but would rather show up just when a user is trying to learn about a new or unexplored feature.

With TipKit, developers can also choose to extend their tutorials over a period of days to slowly introduce returning users to the full features of their apps, instead of choosing to overload them with advance tips. Also, since TipKit is a framework provided by Apple, the rules and configurations would sync easily between users’ devices, meaning users wouldn’t have to see the same tips when using the app on their iPad after they’ve already been shown on your iPhone.

It appears that Apple itself will leverage TipKit to introduce native suggestions to its apps, such as FaceTime, Photos and Messages in iOS 17, according to images shared by developers (for example, in the tweets incorporated below). This will make viewing suggestions a more consistent experience across the platform, which will help educate users and reduce confusion.

Previously, Apple had tried to introduce users to its first-party apps and features through a dedicated Tips app, launched in iOS 8, that comes pre-installed on iPhone. It’s unclear if that app will stick around now that TipKit is available.

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