All new features Apple didn’t announce at WWDC

All new features Apple didn't announce at WWDC

Apples WWDC Keynote it featured Mac product updates, a new space computer headset, and what felt like a rushed section of OS updates. But while Apple has covered all the big new features, there are a lot of cool little ones heading to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch this fall that Apple just didn’t have time to cover. We have time, though.

New features coming to iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

iPhone also gets interactive widgets

Apple highlighted the interactive widgets in the iPadOS section, but the iPhone will get them too. You’ll finally get touchable buttons in the widgets that actually do something, instead of just opening the app. This includes things like pausing music, checking off a to-do list, and more.

New lock screen updates

The iPadOS live wallpaper is also available on iPhone. If you use a Live Photo as your wallpaper, you’ll see it animate when you lift your iPhone. And if you’re using a portrait photo, you’ll be able to change the background to a solid color by swiping your finger. Also, if you go into the font options, you’ll see a slider to increase or decrease the font weight for the clock.

More timers finally come to iPhone

The future is indeed upon us: the iPhone (and iPad) now have the ability to run multiple timers together. You can name them to keep track of what you need every time, and they even show up as a stack on your lock screen.

Settings switches appear in Spotlight search

You can now toggle settings items right from Spotlight search — you don’t need to dive into settings just to temporarily disable the always-on display.

Autofill verification works through email

One-time password autofill is one of the best features Apple has ever provided, and it now works over email too. If you receive a login passcode via email, it will appear as a hint above your keyboard when you log into your account.

A related feature is this novelty Activate in Settings. It lets you automatically clean up verification code messages used for both SMS and email, so you don’t have to live with these one-time messages littering your Messages app.

Big changes to the Podcasts app

Apple didn’t talk about it at WWDC, but the Podcasts app is undergoing some major changes. First off, there’s a new interactive widget that lets you play and pause right from your home screen. The Up Next screen has also been redesigned. From the Now Playing screen, you can drag and drop episodes to rearrange your queue. In the episode list, you will also get custom artwork for every single episode.

Collaboration in Apple Music

While the feature is listed as coming later this year, you’ll finally be able to collaborate on playlists in Apple Music. This is something Spotify converts have wanted for years now.

Shared passwords and passkeys

Apple had it in the Mac section, but you’ll be able to share passwords and passkeys with a specific group of users on iPhone and iPad as well.

Apple Maps and electric vehicles

Apple Maps now lets you choose your preferred EV charging network and will also show real-time availability.

New Memoji stickers

After a long time, Apple has added new Memoji stickers to the Messages app. They include Halo, Smirk and Peekaboo.

Many new security features

Apple is expanding its Communication Safety feature, which helps parents monitor whether their child is sending or receiving media containing nudity. It was previously limited to Messages, but now includes AirDrop, FaceTime messages, photo picker, and even third-party apps. All users now have the ability to blur sensitive images in the above apps before viewing them, using on-device processing. Also, Lockdown Mode is now coming to Apple Watch as well.

Shared AirTags

AirTags can now be shared with up to five people, who can track items in the Find My app. Everyone in the group will be able to see the location of an item, play a sound, and use Precision Finding to help pinpoint the location of a shared AirTag when it’s nearby.

Activity history in the Home app

The Home app adds the ability for users to view up to 30 days of activity history on locks, garage doors, alarm systems, and contact sensors. Additionally, Matter-enabled locks can now access touch-to-unlock and PIN codes.

New features coming to watchOS 10

Control center anywhere on Apple Watch

You can now access Control Center from anywhere by pressing the side button.

Ping your Apple Watch from your iPhone

We all know you can use your Apple Watch to find your iPhone, but what if you’ve lost your Apple Watch itself? Now there’s a new control you can add to Control Center that also lets you ping your Apple Watch.

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