Acquisition of Accenture: Expansion of capabilities in SAP and the cloud


Accenture recently acquired three companies, each specializing in different market segments, contributing unique capabilities to the IT consulting giant’s portfolio. Accenture’s acquisition strategy is focused on expanding the company’s offerings in cloud computing, SAP services and sustainability, signaling a continued aggressive growth strategy.

Accenture, a leading global IT consultancy, continued its expansion strategy by acquiring three companies across various industries. The acquisitions strengthen Accenture’s core competencies in cloud computing, SAP services and sustainability, while providing strategic growth in several markets and geographies. This aggressive acquisition spree aligns with Accenture’s long-term vision to strengthen its services and underpin its global IT leadership.

With annual revenues of $63.2 billion, Accenture generated sales of $15.8 billion during the second quarter of fiscal 2023, up 5% year over year. This growth underscores the company’s dominance as one of the largest solution providers and consolidators in the global IT market, supported by a formidable workforce of 738,000 employees. Accenture recently announced the acquisition of Green Domus, a leading Brazilian sustainability consulting firm. Green Domus specializes in designing and implementing measurable decarbonization strategies for clients, thus strengthening Accenture’s sustainability services.

Accenture acquisition strategy to enhance SAP capabilities

Accenture’s acquisition of Einr AS, a Norway-based consulting firm, demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhance its SAP solutions and services capabilities. Einr AS specializes in high-volume logistics solutions that optimize the flow of products from producers to consumers using SAP technologies. By bringing Einr AS into the fold, Accenture aims to leverage its experience to provide clients with more efficient and streamlined logistics operations. The acquisition aligns with Accenture’s strategy of offering complete end-to-end solutions, positioning the company as a trusted partner for SAP implementation and optimization projects.

In its quest to expand its Cloud First services capabilities, Accenture recently completed the acquisition of Objectivity, a London-based digital engineering specialist. Objectivity’s primary focus lies in platform and cloud development services, enabling clients to achieve rapid innovation and digital transformation. With extensive experience in platform engineering, cloud-native computing and application modernization, Objectivity will enhance Accenture’s expertise in open platform models and services. By integrating the capabilities of Objectivity, Accenture aims to better support clients in harnessing the potential of cloud technologies, enabling them to accelerate their digital journeys.

In addition to the recent acquisitions noted above, Accenture has actively expanded its capabilities through strategic partnerships with SAP-focused companies. One notable partnership is the acquisition of SKS, a leading SAP solution provider, to strengthen Accenture’s position in the German market. The collaboration between Accenture and SKS allows both companies to leverage their respective strengths, combining Accenture’s global reach and comprehensive services portfolio with SKS’s deep expertise in SAP solutions. Together, they aim to provide customers with end-to-end SAP services, from implementation to ongoing support and optimization.

Accenture and SAP Partnership: Strengthen skills and market presence

Accenture’s acquisition strategy goes beyond acquiring companies; it also involves building strategic partnerships to enhance its capabilities. One such key partnership is with SAP, a global leader in enterprise software solutions. Accenture and SAP have a long-standing partnership to provide innovative solutions to clients around the world.

The partnership between Accenture and SAP combines Accenture’s deep industry knowledge, implementation experience and global reach with leading-edge technologies and the complete suite of software solutions from SAP. This partnership allows both companies to provide end-to-end services and support to customers, from strategy and planning to implementation and continuous optimization.

Accenture’s expertise in SAP solutions spans a broad range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, consumer staples and healthcare. Their deep understanding of SAP’s technology stack enables them to design and implement tailored solutions that address their customers’ unique needs and challenges. Leveraging SAP’s broad software portfolio, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM), Accenture helps organizations streamline operations , drive efficiency and achieve digital transformation.

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