A SpaceX rocket soars across the California sky, launching internet satellites into the sky

A SpaceX rocket soars across the California sky, launching internet satellites into the sky

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches through SoCal skies early Thursday morning Van Nuys CA/USA June 22, 2023. The F-9 is carrying another batch of Starlink V1.5 internet satellites from Vandenberg Space Force Base. The Falcon 9 first stage booster landed on a drone ship in the Pacific Ocean. (Photo by Gene Blevins/Contributing Photographer)

While the West Coast slept, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched 47 Starlink Internet satellites into orbit early Thursday, June 22, then the Falcon 9 rocket returned to Earth, landing on a ship offshore.

Liftoff from California’s Vandenberg Space Force Base occurred Thursday at 3:19 am. A staggering 4,600 Starlink satellites have been launched into orbit, leading to nicknames and nicknames such as the broadband mega-constellation.

Everything went as planned, with the Falcon 9 first stage returning to earth less than 9 minutes after launch and landing flawlessly in the Pacific on SpaceX’s drone ship Of Course I Still Love You.

The Falcon 9 upper stage continued to operate, until it deployed Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit.

According to industry experts, SpaceX is licensed to deploy 12,000 Starlink satellites and plans to go well beyond that figure.

Meanwhile, SpaceX and Vast Space have a plan to launch the world’s first commercial space station dubbed Haven-1 into low-Earth orbit by 2025, the two local companies announced in May.

Long Beachs Vast Space and Hawthorne-based SpaceX announced the new partnership on Wednesday, May 10.

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